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How to Draw a Vampire Bat

Happy Halloween everyone! Today we will learn how to draw a cartoon bat. Bats are a fear creature, but bats are harmless and very valuable to nature. This is an easy step-by--step tutorial that anyone can do!....

Step 1

First you need to draw a circle for his head, and then draw a squooshed rectangle shape for his body.

Step 2

Next draw circles on top of his head for his ears, circles on his top sides for the wings, and a set of circles for the knees and feet.

Step 3

Finally for the sketch draw wires for his wings shown here. You can shape his wings in any position you want. Last, draw some triangles for his ears.

Step 4

Now lets start on his face. His has a circle head, and wide big eyes. Big eyes add cuteness, in reality bats have smaller eyes. Then draw some scruff on top of his head for hair and his little heart-shaped bat noes.

Step 5

His ears and mouth are next. Bats have big ears, so give him big lovable ears, also for inside of the ears add some lines to show it is webbed. Then add his mouth, some bats have sharp teeth, and since it is Halloween give him some vampire fangs.

Step 6

His body must be thing and slender, and his feet are tiny.

Step 7

Now draw over the wing wires to make the bats arms and creases on his wings. Also he needs little hands at each wing tip.

Step 8

Finally draw the webbing for the wings between each wing line.

Step 9

Now just add a nice black outline and coloring him in anyway you like.

Step 10

Bats can be browns, blacks, or even purple if you wanna be cute. For my bat I made his eyes bright yellow.

Step 11

Just add some fun shading and your done! You can use pencils, markers, or your favorite art program! Good luck!

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