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How to draw a cartoon ballerina

Step This easy tutorial shows you how to draw a ballerina.


Step 1

First draw some basic shapes for the face.Draw a large circle for the head and two small ones for the mouth and ears. Add eyes a nose and a mouth.

Step 2

Now add hair to your ballerina.To do this just draw curved lines and a circle for the bun.

Step 3

Now lets move on to the body. Again, these are just simple shapes. Use a rectangle for the body, circles for the shoulders and hands, sticks for arms and kind of sausage shapes for the fingers.

Step 4

Next use circles for the hips, sticks for the legs and small ovals for the feet

Step 5

Now add a tutu by using zig-zag lines and a V line in front of the neck and add another line on the arms.

Step 6

Now add more lines for the legs and shoes. Add criss-cross lines going up the legs to show the laces and rub out any lines that you don't need And you're done. You can color your ballerina with what ever colors you want.

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