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How to Draw Nala from The Lion King

This is another tutorial on a popular Disney character from an award winning animated movie. I wanted to go back in time and draw a character from my past when I was five. The only movie that stood out to me was The Lion King. I had a whole crap load of Disney movies in my toddler collection and this movie was one of them. Today I am going to show you how to draw Nala from The Lion King. For those of you that have seen the movie (which should be almost all of you), you already know that Nala is Simba's best friend in all of the Pride Lands. They do absolutely everything together including getting in trouble and being a bunch of wise guys when they try and blow off Zazu when he is instructed to watch over them as they explore the lands and play. Basically his job is to make sure they stay out of trouble. The Lion King appeared in theaters in the year 1994, that would have made me two years old and not into the movie yet. Nala is introduced in the movie when Simba goes to get her to go on a mission that Scar was telling Simba about. While he was talking to her she was getting a bath and then soon his mother Sarabi decides that Simba needs a bath as well. So The two parents agree that they can go to the waterhole as long as Zazu goes with them. Of course they were not going to the waterhole that was just a ploy to get Nala out. What the two really had in mind was to ditch Zazu and take off to visit an Elephant Graveyard that Scar told Simba about. Later in the movie Simba leaves and of course Nala grows up and meets up with Simba once again while he is staying with his two pals Timon and Pumbaa. She was a cool character in the movie and I had a blast watching her kick Simba's butt when they were play fighting. In this tutorial I will show you how to draw Nala from The Lion King step by step. The way I drew the steps will make this learning experience super simple. I will be back soon with more drawing fun for you all.....

Step 1

Okay start this first step by drawing a few circle shapes the first being for Nala's head. After you draw out the shape of her head add the facial guidelines next. Now draw two round shapes for the chest and hind quarters of Nala. From those circle shapes you can go ahead and add the guidelines for the limbs and tail.

Step 2

In this next step you will start drawing out the shape of the head and add the rounded shape of the ears and the curved line for the back of her neck. Next draw a line from the curved line you drew as a facial guideline and begin adding the lining for her mouth and jaw. Next start sketching out the shapes of her front and back legs and thicken the tail and detail the fur on the tip.

Step 3

Now the first thing you will do here is detail the inside of her ear and add the other on the left. Next, draw two medium sized almond shapes for her eyes and the lining for the bridge of her nose as well as the shape of the tip. Sketch in the front neck line and fur and then draw out the muscle part on the upper front part of her leg and lines for her toes. Draw the belly line and then the shape of the hind leg and the rest of the lining for her tail.

Step 4

In this last drawing step you will detail the inside of both ears and add two arched lines above the eye. You will now give her some colored in pupils and finish the lining for her entire body which includes the back, stomach, hind leg, toes, chest, and face. Erase all the guidelines that you drew in step one.

Step 5

This is what your Nala should come out looking like when you are completely done. Color her in and that is it your finished. Pretty easy huh? Well that will do it for this tutorial on how to draw Nala from the Lion King step by step. Be back soon y'all.

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