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Hey, I need to do this quickly cuz I have lots of homework to do. Your gonna learn how to draw Piplup. It was requested by, guess who, the person who I always dedicate my pics and tuts to. J.M. well, have fun.....

Step 1

Start with this circle.

Step 2

Now add his markings by drawing curves and lines.

Step 3

now add his little tail.

Step 4

Now draw that part of his body that I think is supposed to be some kind of bow or whatever. If you know, post a comment.

Step 5

Now add these some kind of buttons and his wings.

Step 6

Add his feet and the bottom part of his body.

Step 7

Finally, add his little cute beak and eyes.

Step 8

When your done finishing up erasing to make something look better, or doing whatever, this is what your final drawing should look like. I hope ya'll had fun drawing the cute water type little penguin that my friend loves so much. till next time, see ya later ppl.

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