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This tutorial is going to be on the better half of Latios from Pokemon. Now like I mentioned in the tutorial with Latios, these two types of Pokemon are one and others mates. There is no other way for them to reproduce because Latias is a female only Pokemon species and vise versa with Latios. Both the two Pokemon have very similar special abilities. The species is said to be that of half bird and half dragon. Unlike her male counterpart, she is red on the lower parts of her body up until the mid section of where her neck ends and her stomach or torso begins. She also has a triangle like symbol on her chest that is blue in color, and she also has ears that are in the shape of triangles. There is a white pentagon shape on her red colored face as well which is different from the male version of this species. What makes her so different than Latios? Well nothing much really except for the fact that she is the only Pokemon in existence that has the ability to learn œMist Ball. Latias doesn't like showing herself to humans and because of that she is always hiding in secret places and such. If you want to go on a journey to look for a Latias, to train, then you better make sure you are prepared to go scouring through isolated areas and places that no man would ever think of. You must be a creative hunter to find Latias and if not, your search could take months or even years. Well that is all I can think about saying right now for this Pokemon species, so I will leave you to this tutorial on œhow to draw Latias from Pokemon step by step. I know you will have fun with this lesson because you all loved Latios. Keep your pencils to the paper and your faces looking straight ahead. Peace out and happy drawing!....

Step 1

To draw Latias you will need to start with a circle for her head and then add the muzzle guideline. Next draw a long neck line and attach it to the egg shaped body. Lastly draw the wing lines and then the one arm and the one leg line.

Step 2

Sketch out the shape of the face and then draw in the ears and the eyes. Draw the beginning lines for the marking on her face and then move to step three.

Step 3

Continue to draw out the shape of the thick neck that Latias has and then draw the beginning shape and or line for her chest. Draw the shoulder shape and then draw the triangle shape on her torso.

Step 4

You will now start drawing out the shape of her wings and then the first visible leg that kind of resembles a tail. Draw the separation lines or markings near her arm as seen here and then move on to your last drawing step.

Step 5

Draw the rest of the arms and then the fingers. Draw the other leg and then start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your work.

Step 6

Here is what your Pokemon should come out looking like when you are done. Color her in and you have just learned how to draw Latias from Pokemon step by step".

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