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How to Draw The Queen of Hearts

There is two characters from Alice in Wonderland that are now in Drago's top fifty. Because Tim Burton's recreation of the children's book has made such a big impact on movie goers and fans of Alice in Wonderland, learning how to draw the characters from the magical film is on the rise. One of the main characters from the movie is played by Johnny Depp as he gives his performance as the œMad Hatter. I also have a lesson on Mad Hatter if you are looking to learn how to draw him. That lesson can be found in the Disney section under the œCartoons category. I received a few requests for me to submit a tutorial that shows you œhow to draw The Queen of Hearts", step by step. Initially I was going to draw her anyway a while ago, but then realized that she may not be that popular. But what was I thinking? The Queen of Hearts is one of the more popular characters from the story. Of course she is made to be somewhat of a caricature of Queen Elizabeth. The Queen is what you call a short tempered, angry, foul mouthed ruler that doesn't think twice before she carries out a sentence of deadly degree no matter how offensive, or defensive the crime may be. Sometimes she will have someone beheaded even if they didn't commit any crime at all. The Queen of Hearts is famous for her four worded command, œOff with their heads! She is a fat looking woman that wears a red and black colored gown, and a very small crown. Her pompous, tyrannical personality makes her unapproachable, and even unlikeable. In fact, one can only guess how she even pulled off marrying a shy, timid man who is of course The King of Hearts. Why in the world would someone want to spend their lives with a woman like her? I guess sometimes women in power are attractive even if they are unattractive. In all she is a memorable character from the Disney collection, and she was well written and created by the books original inventor, Lewis Carroll. If you like Alice in Wonderland, then you will love learning œhow to draw The Queen of Hearts, step by step. I still have more drawing fun on the way for you all so stay tuned in to see what pops up next. If you have a request for me don't forget to leave a comment and ask for the lesson you would like to see next. Have fun guys and have a happy drawing day. ....

Step 1

The Queen of Hearts is a chunky looking women which means her body will be very round looking. Start with two circular shapes, one for the head and one for her torso. Next from the torso, draw the bell like shape for her gown, and then draw two rectangular shapes for her sleeves. Add the facial guidelines and the bump on her head for her hair.

Step 2

You will now sketch out the actual shape of her head which look like an eggplant. Add two small balls on top, and then draw the outlines for her ears, and earring. Lastly, draw the small lump for her chin, and then the actual shape of the torso.

Step 3

Drawing The Queen of Hearts face is going to fun too. She is very angry looking which means her expression needs to be drawn in that aspect. Start with her eyes which look very stressed. Next add the lining for her cheeks, and then draw her explosive looking mouth then add the tongue, and upper, and bottom row of teeth. Lastly, start sketching out the sleeves of her gown which have a few folds at the ends.

Step 4

Sketch out her hair line on her forehead, and then draw the small tulip looking crown. Next draw the erect crest behind her head which is her collar, and then draw her chunky arms, and hands which are both clenched in fists. Her left hand is holding her heart shaped rod.

Step 5

You can mow draw the shape and style of her rounded looking gown and then draw the trim that flows all the way around.

Step 6

Add the eyebrows, and then draw the round flaring nose. Add the earring, and then draw the "V" like lines on her dress and then the vertical line in the middle of her chest. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to prepare your drawing for color.

Step 7

There she is, The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Color her in and you're done. I hope you had fun boys and girls. Join me again for another exciting, colorful, and educational tutorial real soon.

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