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Bats are iconic halloween creatures, so let's try to draw one! This tutorial will try to teach you how to draw a happy, flying bat. This step by step guide on HelloKids will help you to make your Halloween a little bit more spooky! Have Fun!  

Step 1

Draw an oval for the body of our bat. The cross in the middle helps us know where to draw the face.

Step 2

Two small noodles will be the legs.

Step 3

Draw three toes on each foot.

Step 4

To make the ears first, draw a straight line from the head and make a curve towards the body. For the tail, draw a small triangle.

Step 5

Add another straight line inside of both ears, to mark the inside edge of the ears. Draw a smaller oval for the nose.

Step 6

For the wings you will need to draw this twig-like form. The wing has two parts. The first part is thicker, the second part ends in a point.

Step 7

Draw three curves from the bend of each wing.

Step 8

To complete the wings, connect the points as seen on the image.

Step 9

Add the eyes and other face details, like fangs and hair and your bat is ready to fly through the night!


Halloween bat

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