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The Story of Zed the Zebra

Once upon a time Zed the Zebra.....

Lucy has some unusual neighbors. That is because she lives next to the zoo. Every night Lucy climbs down the long neck of Georgina the Giraffe to be told a story by one of the animals. This particular evening lucy is stretching and running because Lucy wants to win a race at school and has become very serious. Her animal friends remind her to have fun and tell her a bedtime story about Zed the Zebra.

Zed the Zebra is the fasted runner in all of Africa and has no trouble boasting his running talent to all his friends. He often challenges his friends to races just to show off and brag again and again. The other animals decide to chellenge Zed to a race but this race is different because it is not just a running race. They challenge Zed to an obstacle race. Zed is sure he is going to win due to his speed but quickly discovers the talents of his other friends. At the end of the race Zed decides to stop ata watering hole to admire his reflection and the rest of his friends quickly pass him by. Zed the Zebra may be the fastest among his friends in Africa but not all races are won by speed. Zed learns to be a bit more humble.

Good night Lucy! Good luck with your race!



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