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The story of Henrietta the Hairy Hippo

Once upon a time Henrietta the Hairy Hippo

Molly the hippopotamus tells the group the story of her cousin who was ridiculed by the other hippos for being too hairy.
Shush everyone! There's no need to be so upset. Let me told you the story of Henrietta the hippo my cousin in Africa, Listen...
Henrietta lived near the Zamba river with the other hippos. It was nice there, because there were no crocodiles, so the hippopotamus could splash in the water as much as they wanted. But Henrietta wasn't like the other hippos: Hairy!
"Henrietta's hairy! Henrietta's hairy! Henrietta's hairy!"
Henrietta felt sad when the other hippos laught at her.
"They don't like me! Why should I stay here? I want to live somewhere else, where the other animals are nice to me. Maybe I could live in the desert!"
In the desert it was hot, very hot! Henrietta thought about the Zamba river, How nice it would be to splash in the water with the other hippos! But in the desert there is no water, only a lot of sand.
"Hello there! I'm Dennis the Dromadery. What sort of animal are you?"
"I'm Henrietta the Hippo and I come from the Zamba river, but the other hippos don't like me because I'm too hairy. So I'm looking for a new place to live, but it's just too hot here. Do you know a place I would like?"
"Let me see... Oh I think I just know a place for you. Follow me!"
Henrietta couldn't kick up with Dennis and his long legs...
"Wait for me..."
"I have an idea. Why don't you walk on my shadow? How is that?"
"Much better thanks!"
Dennis and Henrietta walked and walked, unitl they arrived at the jungle.
"Well, here we are! I hope you like it!"
"Bye Dennis!"
The jungle was full of sounds and colors.
"How pretty!"
"I'm Giggles and I'm Tickles! Catch us if you can...."
"Oh nooooo..."
"Hey hey hey, now I can smell fat and juicy fly... miam, miam!"
"Im not a fly, I'm a Hippo!"
"Eyh, look my legs! I'm the biggest spider, eyh eyh. Don't be scared, it's only us! We are going to save you free, just like this. Anyway, what's your name?" 
"I'm Henrietta the hippo and I'm looking for a place to live but the jungle is too scary."
"We know a lovely place for you. Follow us. Here we are, the blue mountain. Bye and good luck."
And so Henrietta went to find a home on top of the blue mountain where air was cool, calm and fresh. But first, she had to climb over borders and rocks, then just when she stepped on last rock, she felt down... But  Henrietta didn't give up oh no, she climbed, and scrubbled until finally she made it to the top. "What a view!"
Henrietta could see the jungle, and the desert and far, far away the hippos splashing in the Zamba river.
"Oh, I wish I could go back home, but I can't go back because the other hippos will laught at my ugly hair."
"Ugly hair? what do you mean about ugly hair you have beautiful hair!"
"Oh you think so?"
"Oh yes, all you need is a new hair did. Just let it to your new friend the snip snip bird. Come on snip and snip, I'll give you a look that's really hit. Done"
"How do I look?"
"You look like a Hippo princess?"
"Now I can go back to the othet hippos. Thank you snip snip bird!"
Henrietta made a long jump down the mountain, through the jungle and accross the desert all the way back to the Zamba river.
"Oh it's Henrietta and she looks like a princess!"
"Where have you been Henrietta? We missed you a lot!"
"I travelled very far to the desert until the jungle, I climbed all the way to the top of the blue mountain and there the snip snip bird lives. He is the one who gave me my new princess hair do!"
"Don't be scared Henrietta we don't laugh at you."
"Tell us how did you escape from this giant spider web..."
"Well it was very sticky..."
And so Henrietta told all her adventures to the other hippos and wheb she finished they all jump into the Zamba river with a great big splash!
Good night Lucy!

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