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The Story of Snowbert the Polar Bear

Lucy's friend Boris shy bear tells the story of his cousin Snowbert the polar bear who was fed up to live alone on the North Pole until he met Sidney the Seal in his fishing hole.

The story of Snowbert the polar bear who didn't want to be alone anymore

I think tonight it's Boris to tell me a story. What me? But I don't know any story, I'm a bear of few words, You see. He is useless at telling stories! No he's not. He's just shy. Come on Boris, tell us a story.
Well... I suppose I could tell you the story of Snowbert!
Snowbert! That a funny name. Is he a bear like you?
Yes and Not. He is a bear but not a bear like me. Snowbert is a big white polar bear.
Snowbert lived just around the corner from the North Pole. In a home build of snow.
What should we do today Snowbert? We could play a game of dominos! Good idea.
Because he lived on his own, snowbert often talk to himself.
Eyh your turn Snowbert! I've one again! Better love next last time.
Snowbert was also a sculptor. He was very proud of all the sculptures he'd made. But sometimes he wished he had a friend to show them to. One moment Snowbert decides to go fishing.
I had enough fish for a week.What about you Snowbert? So have I!
Ooops sorry!
Please don't go!
But you are a polar Bear. You'll eat me.
I won't eat you. I'm a fishytarian! A fishytarian? It means, I only eat fish. Fish for breakfast, fish for lunch and fish for dinner. Oh yes, and fish for that tasty snack taht keeps you going for meal times. You're not a fish, are you?
Of course not! I'm a seal. Sidney the seal!
My name is Snowbert. will you be my friend? Okay!
Shall we play a game? I've got some dominos!... I have the double fish.
That's not the way that seals play dominos. I'll show you how it's done!
Why are you putting all those dominos in a raw Sidney? You'll see! Ready, go, go.
Yepy! That was fun. Now let's play dominos the Snowbert's way.
And so they did. They played Dominos all day and at the sunset Sidney had to go home, but he promised to come back the next morning.
I think I have a friend. Yes I think you're right. Now you won't have to talk to yourself anymore.
The next morning, Snowbert took Sidney to see the snow sculptures.
Woua, they are great! You are a real artist.
Oh it's easy really.
I have an idea, stay here.
Hurry up, I can't stay still much longer.
Almost finished... Ready!
I haven't got  a big tummy like that!
Yes you have! Now let's have some fun!
yeah... We're always be friends Sidney, would we Sidney?
Always, I promise.
But when cold winter came, the hole had disappeared, It was frozen.
Sidney, Sidney, Siiidney....
Snowbert couldn't find Sidney anywhere. And Sidney couldn't find Snowbert anywhere.
I wonder if I would ever see Sidney again! He promised to always be friends.
You're talking to yourself again... Sorry!
it was mid-winter and the days were as dark as the nights.
Snowbert was waiting for the sun to rise. He waited, and waited and waited and then he felt asleep. Snowbert woke up on a warm spring morning. The hole in the ice was back! only know it was a lot bigger.
Sidney I thought I would never see you again.
But a friend still be back. I always keep my promises
Oh Sidney I'm so glad to see you again
And I brought some friends to play! and that exactly what they did!
Snowbert was never lonely anymore...
That was a nice story! said Lucy. I think I'd like to go to my room now. Good night Boris.


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