previousHow To Draw A Flower Easy, Step by Step how-to draw lesson

This is my first tutorial. It's very simple and I'm actually very proud of it. I hope you all like it and stay tuned for my next tutorial. Thanks for viewing!....

Step 1

First draw a circle for the base of the petals. Make sure you draw lightly because you may have to edit it later.

Step 2

Draw four petals for the flower, connecting them to the base. Make an arch shape, but instead of having a rounded end make it pointed. Try to make them all as similar to each other as you can.

Step 3

Now add the petals that go behind those in the front. Make sure the tips end at about the same point as all the other ones.

Step 4

Now draw the stem and details to the petals and the base. You are all done! You can color it any way you want. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Stay tuned. Thanks for viewing!



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