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How to Draw a Minion

Everybody wants to own a minion of their own. After this step by step drawing lesson you can design all the minions you could ever want! Customize your minions any way you like. Give them different clothes, funny haircuts, or a new pair of glasses. Have fun drawing! 

Step 1

Start by drawing a circle. This will be your minion's head.

Step 2

Draw a curvy rectangle for the body.

Step 3

Draw a smaller circle inside the first circle. This will be your minion's eye. Add 2 stumps at the bottom of the curvy rectangle to make the legs.

Step 4

Draw a slightly smaller circle inside the second circle. This will be your minion's goggle. Add little shoes at the bottom of the legs.

Step 5

Draw two noodles for arms on either side of the body. Hands are tricky to draw, so we'll do them in stages. Start by adding two trapezoid shapes at the end of each noodle-arm. This shape will be the base of your minion's gloves. Draw three little circles above each trapezoid. These circles will be the fingertips.

Step 6

Connect the little circles with short, curved lines to complete the hands.

Step 7

To draw the strap of the goggles, draw a horizontal rectangle and a smaller, vertical rectangle that connects to the circle. Draw your minion some trousers.

Step 8

Draw the middle section of the minion's overalls.

Step 9

Draw a small circle in the middle of the eye. This will be the iris. Draw a curved line for a smile. On both sides of the body, draw two diagonal rectangles to complete the overall.

Step 10

Carefully erase all the guide lines!

Step 11

Now that you've drawn your minion, you can finish your drawing by adding some more details. Add hair, for instance, or add details to the clothing.

Step 12

Small details will really make your minion come to life. Now you have a new minion ready to get to work!

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