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The Boxtrolls Matching Game memory game

Train your memory with The Boxtrolls

Ready to help Winnie, Eggs and The Boxtrolls? Search pairs of the Red Hats who dedicate their lives to try to exterminate The Boxtrolls ! Play with your friends and spend hours of entertainment with online matching pair games. Discover more fun with The Boxtrolls on Hellokids.com.

How to play?

Once the game has loaded The Boxtrolls matching game, you have to find the 8 pairs in less than 1.15 minutes. To do this, click a card that appears on the screen to find the hidden image. If you select 2 identical pictures, the matching pair disappears from the game. If you have not chosen 2 identical cards they are automatically put upside down. Ready set go!

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Saturday December, 13, 2014 at 12:48 AM

I love this game

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