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The Colorful Layered Cocktail

The Colorful Layered Cocktail
September 19, 2014

Anytime of the year is a great time to sit back and treat yourself to a colorful layered cocktail.

Here is a recipe rich in color for an after school treat, thirst quenching summer cocktail or anytime drink! 

This page will tell you how to make a delicious multicolored cocktail.

The Colorful Layered Cocktail recipe

About this recipe

  • Preparation time : 5 min
  • Yield : Colorful Layered Cocktail

Ingredients : Colorful Layered Cocktail

  • Orange juice : 1/3 of glass
  • Pineapple juice : 1/3 of glass
  • Grenadine : 1/4 of glass
  • Sugar : 35 cl
  • White Grapes : quelques grains
  • Toothpicks : 5
  • Coasters : 4

Colorful Layered Cocktail, Recipe

    Do not forget to print 3 placemat by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. Before preparing your cocktail, put all the ingredients in the fridge to keep your cocktail cool and fresh.
  1. In a small dish, pour a little bit of grenadine. In another small flat dish pour some sugar. Turn your empty glass over and dip the rim of the glass into the syrup them into the sugar to coat the rim. The sugar is stuck to the edge of the glass with the grenadine and your glass is decorated now, you'll be able to make your cocktail!
  2. First, a bit diluted pineapple juice with water, to make it less dense. 
  3. Then pour grenadine syrup into your glass (a little less than a quarter of the glass, careful not to put too much). For the bottom level you will have to pour the orange juice very gently over the small amount of grenadine. The trick is to use a spoon you'll put just above the surface of grenadine, and on which you slowly pour the orange juice. Do not mix! 
  4. Reuses the same technique to create an additional levels of the cocktail with diluted pineapple juice which you have prepared in the beginning, by pouring gently over the orange juice.
You now have your lovely 3 layered cocktail!

You can decorate your drink with a skewer of green grapes to add color. You will now be able to enjoy this colorful cocktail! 

Now print the mathematic table placemats to match with your themed recipe.



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