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Pirate Makeup

Pirate Makeup craft for kids
This Pirate makeup example is fairly simple to make, which can be very important when all your son's pirate mates see his new look and want to do the same.
What you will need: 
- Powder for golden brown face 
- A black makeup pencil 
- A red makeup pencil 
- A makeup sponge 
- A brush 
- Eye patch 
Pirate Makeup craft for kids
How to get the pirate look:
  1. Apply golden brown makeup on the entire face.
  2. Apply the dark on your chin unshaven appearance with brown makeup.
  3. Draw a mustache with black pencil or use a fake one.
  4. Thicken the eyebrows.
  5. Put the pirate eye patch on the opposite eye.
  6. Use the red makeup pencil to draw a scar on one cheek.
  7. Draw small black cross lines, to mimic stitches. 
Blimey! You now have the look of a real pirate. 

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