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How to Draw a Teddy Bear for Kids

Hi! Welcome to our tutorial on how to draw a Teddy Bear for kids.

Step 1

We're starting with the body of the teddy bear. Draw an oval for the head and a drop shape for the body.

Step 2

Add the ears by drawing two ovals and add one oval for the snout.

Step 3

Two thick beans will make the legs of the teddy bear.

Step 4

Sticking with the beans, add two long ones for the arms. For the feet we'll add another two ovals to the bottom of the legs.

Step 5

Clean the lines that cross each other.

Step 6

Draw the face of your teddy bear. Is yours going to be angry, sad, happy or in love? You can choose whatever you want!

Step 7

Add some little details to make your teddy bear truely unique!

Step 8

Your little friend is done, this teddy bear is ready to be hugged.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw a teddy bear for kids. Make sure to share your creations on our social media and check out our other how to draw tutorials.


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Friday August, 07, 2015 at 8:23 PM

I love this i thinkk its amazing

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