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Choosing The Perfect Dog

Your First Pet: Choosing The Perfect Dog For You
With over 160 different breeds of dogs, it is difficult to know which one will best suit you. Here are some questions to consider along with a few breeds that are not only popular but have a great reputation with children.


Some Questions to Ask (and Answer!) Before Adopting A Dog:

•    What kind of temperament would you prefer?

Dogs have personalities just like you. They can be loyal, strong-willed, stubborn, active, happy, eager, aloof, subdued, content alone for periods of time or miserable without you. Evaluate what characteristics will be a good fit with your family.

•    Are you willing and able to financially support a dog: food, veterinary care, vaccinations, spaying/neutering?

Owning a dog requires a financial commitment that is important to consider as a family. Your new puppy will need regular vaccinations, veterinary care and, if necessary, an operation to spay or neuter to avoid unwanted litters of puppies. 

•    Do you want a male or female?

There are no significant temperament differences between males and females. Once spayed or neutered, any minor differences are eliminated.

•    Do you want a puppy or an adult dog?

A new puppy has boundless energy and is irresistibly cute. Bringing home a puppy also allows you to socialize and train her from the beginning, which requires a lot of time and patience. A new puppy cannot be left alone for long periods of time either. They require frequent meals, trips outside and lots of time together. If you'd prefer a lower maintenance option, consider adopting an adult dog. Adult dogs are typically more mellow, already house trained and have some basic obedience training.

•    How often will you be able to groom a dog?

Decide how much dog hair you are willing to tolerate or, if you have a pooch that sports a fancy trim, how much you can afford to drop at the groomer to pay for having him coiffed. Some dogs shed constantly, some only for a few weeks and others not at all.

•    Is anyone in your family allergic to cats?

An important thing to know before bringing a new puppy home!

•    Do you want a small or large dog?

Size is another important consideration—that adorable little puppy you bring home today won't stay that way forever. All dogs whether large or small need plenty of outdoor exercise and room to move around in your home. So make sure your space can accommodate his needs.

Best Breeds With Children:

Labrador Retrievers
One of the all-time most popular breeds, Labrador Retrievers top the list for family compatibility. Labs, as they are known, come in three colors: yellow, black and chocolate. Eager to please, these smart, happy dogs love to play, adore attention, and are earnest lifelong companions.

laborador retriever

Labrador Retriever

Golden Retrievers
The other tried-and-true American family dog?  The Golden Retriever. Practically synonymous with family, Goldens are kind, gentle, and love to play. They have long coats which require grooming, though, unlike their Labrador counterparts who have short hair. These large dogs need plenty of room to run, too.

golden retriever

Golden Retriever

A breed that is gaining popularity among American families is the Bulldog. Known for its courage and excellent instinctive guarding behavior, bulldogs are fiercely loyal and incredibly gentle with children. They are affectionate, playful and love attention from their family, which they seek out persistently.



Finding Your Match
Once you are certain that you are ready to become a dog owner, the only thing left to do is find one! Please consider adoption before you consider purchasing a dog through a breeder. Each year four million unwanted dogs and cats are euthanized because a suitable home could not be found. Adoption is a wonderful way to help reduce pet overpopulation. Great resources for adoption and dog care included:

•    www.aspca.com

•    www.petfinder.com

•    Check the purebred rescue finder at the American Kennel Club at www.akc.org

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