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My Holidays in Algeria

My Holidays in Algeria

July 4, 2000. I left for Algeria and I had great fun. I went to the Andalusia beach with a friend, and in very funny merry-go-rounds. There was a carousel with skeletons and ghosts. There were mini buses as means of transport.

I went in the big wheel (Ferris wheel) with my uncle and my brother; we took pictures in the open air of the stadium of July 14 at Oran. We tasted new cakes and I also discovered new tastes. During my stay I also went to the cornice, it was splendid! From the top of this cornice one can see all Oran… I also played scrabbles on the computer with my friend, and I always lost!
We returned to France on August 18. And I finished my holidays at Woippy (it is a village close to METZ in the MOSELLE department, in France) with my friends.

(MJC Boileau, WOIPPY, Moselle, France)

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