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Discover and experience the love of books, reading and other learning resources!

Discovering the joy of reading is the key to experiencing a life long love of books. Having access to literature and introducing children to books for pleasure reading at a very early age is very important and will have links to higher intellectual development in vovabulary, spelling and mathematics. In this section you will find a large collection of wonderful reading material for kids. Check out a nice collection of tales including tales of Beatrix Potter, wonderful stories and poems for kids. There is also interesting biographies on famous people, reports and information on many different topics and numerous tales written by young Hellokids writers. So pick up a book and read aloud, visit the library, get involved in a reading program or read books and stories online. Online reading channels like the one here on Hellokids, reading a book from your own collection or going to the library are great ways to get your child excited about reading and books. Discover the power of reading today.

You will also find other helpful informations in the School Resources section created by Enjoy !



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New Reading and Learning

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Write your own book

Books come in different ways and will include either words, words and illustrations or just pictures. Encourage your child to use their imagination and write their own book and if they are too young to write words then suggest to them to tell a story through drawing pictures. Creating pictures for your book are a great addition to telling your story. If you need help illustrating your own book you can practice your drawing techniques using the drawing channel for easy step by step how to draw instructions and video tutorials. You can also discover illustrations made by young people on our illustrations page. 

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