Monster Masks

If you are looking for a fun idea for a Halloween party, Halloween parade, Halloween craft or creating haunted house decorations, choose from the many famous printable Halloween masks this Hellokids section has for you to choose. Dressing up for Halloween is always fun but you may be allergic to make up on your face, plastic masks or you just had no time to buy or make a Halloween costume this season. Well worry no more! The printable Halloween masks are a great way to still be a part of all the Halloween celebrations and fun. You can print these ghoulish masks, cut and even color to use for decorating pumpkins to create a monster pumpkin patch or to decorate your house for a frightfully spooky Halloween look. Print and tape the printable Halloween mask to look like pictures on the wall and make a room called the Monster Hall of Fame, tape a scary mask to a mirror so the next person to see his reflection will think they look like a vampire, Frankenstein or any other one of the scary monsters in this section. Use the masks as a creative way to invite all your Halloween friends to a Monster bash! If you are looking for a party game idea you can use these Halloween masks to play the guess who game or charades. These printable Halloween masks are fun and entertaining for kids of all ages!

  • Ghost mask

    Ghost mask
  • DEVIL mask

    DEVIL mask
  • SKELETON mask

    SKELETON mask

  • SORCERESS mask

    SORCERESS mask
  • BAT mask

    BAT mask
  • Cat mask
  • ALIEN mask

    ALIEN mask
  • Bloody Monster face mask

    Bloody Monster face mask
  • WITCH mask

    WITCH mask
  • SKULL mask

    SKULL mask
  • PUMPKIN mask

  • CYCLOPS mask

    CYCLOPS mask
  • MUMMY mask

    MUMMY mask

  • ZOMBIE mask

    ZOMBIE mask

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Wednesday May, 27, 2015 at 2:26 PM

i love your creativity

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