BARBIE in the PINK SHOES coloring pages
Color and dance with Barbie in a lovely ballerina adventure. Kristyn, a young ballerina with wonderful dreams, try a pair of magical pink ballet shoes. She disappears with her best friend, Hailey and are immersed in a fantasy world. There Kristyn discovers she has to dance in her favorite classical ballet to fight an evil Snow Queen. Thanks to the beautiful and legendary Giselle and Swan Lake ballets, through all Barbie in the Pink Shoes online coloring pages you can share a colorful journey into the land of Barbie and ballerinas. If you dance with your heart, your dreams come true! You will find coloring pages of main characters and several different scenes of the movie.

Pink shoes main characters coloring pages

Some of the Barbie in the Pink Shoes coloring pages represents the main characters under different names because they play specific roles in the magical ballet leads by Snow Queen. Others main characters only exist in one of both worlds. just feel free to color the Pink shoes world you prefer or crat your own scenario through the printables you decide to color.

  • Kristyn Farraday is Princesse Odette
  • Tara Pennington is Odile
  • Giselle
  • Snow Queen
  • Dillon Matthews
  • Hailey

Barbie coloring pages for girls ballet


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