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Pigeons and greyhounds are just two animals that, although they obviously can't be ridden, are popular racing animals. Other more unusual animals that are raced in different parts of the world include cane toads, sheep, turtles, pigs, and even hamsters that run on wheels that power miniature racing cars. Snail racing also has its fans, though since snails take an hour to cover about 50 meters, enthusiasts have to be pretty patient. The world's fastest animal is the Peregrine falcon, which can fly at up to 90 kph horizontally and as much as 300 kph in freefall, though as far as we know no one has yet tried racing them. Cheetahs, Pronghorn antelopes, giraffes, warthogs and grizzly bears are also among the many animals that are faster than human beings, though again, we don’t think anyone has tried racing any of them yet.







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