Q1: Did you know him/her from long time or this thing happen all of a sudden?

Q2: Would you feel jealous and upset if someone else is talking to him or her?

Q3: When you aren't together, do you find yourself mooning around, unable to do much except sigh over your beau or belle?

Q4: Are you more in love when you are together than when you are by yourself?

Q5: Are you, on the whole, pretty unhappy at home with your parents?

Q6: Do you honestly feel that he/she is perfect person for you?
YesNoQ7: Do you think that when it comes to this particular boy or girl, you are conscience about what you are doing, what you say, how you look or how you act?

Q8: Do you both have common interest or common complaints about homes, parents, school and other things in your life?

Q9: Do you show (or share) the letters or greetings given by him/her to your friends?

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Now count your NO answers :1 - 3 NO Answers - It's doesn't seem like a real love.

4 - 6 No Answers - There is chance that you are in love.

7 - 9 NO Answers - Congratulations! You are in love.

Valentine's Day School

Singing Cats for Valentine's Day
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Saturday November, 22, 2014 at 3:27 PM

this game is great

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