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Fox face painting

Here is our new extraordinary face painting idea for children. No need to be a professional face painter to make this fox design, every parent can make it by following this easy step by step fox face painting tutorial.

Fox face painting

To design this adorable fox face you need: 

  • a sponge
  • a brush
  • a thin liner brush
  • Different colors of Snazaroo paints: white, orange, yellow, Diamond FX black and white

How to transform a child into a lovely Fox for any occasion

  1. With a sponge or a round foundation brush use Snazaroo white paint to create the ear shapes above the eyes and the fox's whiskers around the edges of the cheeks.
    Fox face painting
  2. With a sponge use Snazaroo yellow and orange paint. Use a spray bottle of water to mist the paints until you get the right level of moisture then dab your sponge in the yellow. Dab yellow paint over the bridge of the nose and over the inner edge of the cheeks, then repeat with a fresh sponge in to and orange. Blend the orange from the yellow over the checks meeting the white at the edges until you get a nice even blend of colours. Using the orange and a small flat Snazaroo brush put orange paint on the outer and inner edges of the white ears.
    Fox face painting
  3. Using Diamond FX black and a thin Snazaroo number 1 round fine liner brush create the outlines and details on the inner ear and around the edges of the fox's outer ears, edges of the white and paint a triangle over the tip of the nose. Use the same brush and paint to create some dots over the cheeks and finish with the same brush using Diamond FX white to create a highlight on the nose.
    Fox face painting



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