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Tentacle Eyes Alien

This video will show you how to draw a super extraterrestrial original, with eyes at the end of its tentacles. It looks a bit like an alien octopus!

Steps to draw an alien:

  1. First draw a big circle and a little above and superimposed on the first, a smaller circle.
  2. Adds legs attached to the bottom of your first circle with their feet at the end. You can make the toes and claws to give more realism.
  3. From either side of the large circle, draw two curves to help you draw the alien's arms, ending them with small hands. The fingers have turned backwards.
  4. You can then add a tail (a bit like a dinosaur) protruding behind the character.
  5. On each side of the head, draw pointed ears, with some details inside to make them more attractive.
  6. Then to draw each tentacle you must first trace a faint line (it is a trait of construction) which will be a guide to then draw the final tentacle, a bit like the skeleton. The faint line must represent the direction in which each tentacle will wrap around, make turns, and loops. This step is whatever you want! The line ends with a circle.
  7. Then draw each tentacle around his line construction and ends by detailing the eye after. In each circle, draw an pupil.
  8. There you just have to erase all the black lines and clear the building and your extraterrestrial features is done!
  9. You may if you wish add spots or stripes to your little alien tentacle, it will be even more fun!

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