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Wonder - by Mark Brown

“Wonder”, in it's most concise terms, is a 2.5 minute short story capturing and embellishing the pure awe felt for the natural world as a child. It is a story with a simple goal; to stir those feelings of enchantment with the ordinary and the common.
Today I stand in awe
Of this world that holds our fate
A stirring storm, a gentle breeze
This world, not ours to make
Finding neither friends, nor favor
I seem to wade alone in thought
Of a world that is real, a world we can know
Wisdom is all I sought
Merry friends making merry friends
Alone I am left to recall
The day I made my first memory
A majestic waterfall
Embraced by so much beauty
Yet seeing not a hint
They will find as time slips by
This is not for what we are meant
We must take this chance
And explore all that we can
We must retain our wonder; embellish our awe
This is our one true plan
Dismiss the fickle
Adjust your view
And find this world that so selflessly
Nurtures you

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