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Dr. Madeleine puzzle

Dr. Madeleine

This doctor gave Jack his mechanical heart in the movie Jack and the Mechanical Heart. Try playing this free online puzzle game to beat the clock. It can get very challenging with each level. Discover more fun puzzle games from Hellokids.

How to play this puzzle game?

  1. Choose a difficulty level on your left.
  2. For levels "Very easy" and "Easy", take all the time you need to put the puzzle pieces together, there is no time limit.
  3. For other levels, time is running out. Click on "Start", watch the countdown timer and achieve your online puzzle game until the timer reaches zero!
  4. You can press the help button ("?") to see the model to achieve during your game session.

Puzzle games for tablets and smartphones

You can also be connected to Hellokids.com and play this online jigsaw puzzle on your tablet or smartphone.


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