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BENGAL TIGER face painting

To make a beautiful TIGER face painting you need:

  • brush
  • sponge
  • water
  • mirror
  • Colors: orange, white, yellow and black
Makeup TIGER

How to face paint a tiger

  1. With the sponge all over your face color orange. The center should be clear that the extremities. Use yellow to lighten the color of the center if necessary. Clean your sponge.
  2. Then draw a large white eyelashes with the brush as well as the nose of the tiger. Clean your sponge and your brush.
  3. Take the brush and with black highlights eyelashes, draw the nose, mustache, mouth and eyes black highlights.

You look like a real beast!

Makeup for child Tigre proposed by Grim'Tout. Grim'Tout is a brand of makeup water comética professional and quality. removing make-up is easy with soap and water.

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