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Fly Me to the Moon

October 03, 2008

84 min

2008 (Belgium)

The year is 1969 and like everyone else in the world, Nat and his pals IQ and Scooter are abuzz over the upcoming launch of the first manned mission to the moon. Inspired by his Grandpa's oft-told tale of hiding aboard Amelia Earhart's plane during her famed solo cross-Atlantic flight, Nat hatches a secret plan for the three young flies to stow away on the Apollo 11 rocket. The hard part is keeping the plan secret from his mom, Mrs. McFly! When a N.A.S.A. Ground Control official catches sight of the three winged stowaways, he instructs the astronauts to store them in a test tube for later study. But after an electrical short causes the ship's engine to malfunction, the three intrepid insects manage to escape from their glass mini-brig just in time to discover the wiring problem and fix it. After a difficult lunar landing, Nat tags along with Neil Armstrong on his legendary moon walk.

Ben Stassen

Tim Curry, Nicollette Sheridan, Adrienne Barbeau, Trevor Gagnon, Robert Patrick

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