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Winter Sports Safety Precautions

Stay Safe: Some Winter Sports Safety Precautions

1.    Bundle Up!

No matter which sport you choose, make sure that you are properly dressed.  Dress in layers—long underwear top and bottom, wool socks, sweater, snow pants, boots and jacket.  And, yes: you do need gloves, hat and a scarf.  Mom is right: you lose a lot of heat through your head and neck.  So, put a lid on and keep the heat inside your body.  Staying warm is important—it's not just for comfort.  Your body needs to stay warm to work well.  When your body is warm, it has more energy for winter fun and can spend less on trying to stay warm.  And, you can stay outside longer without worrying about frostbite!

2.    Make Sure Your Gear Fits

Nothing ruins outdoor fun more than gear that doesn't fit.  If your gear isn't properly fitted it will be hard for you to learn a new sport never mind enjoy it!  Make sure that you are properly fitted by a professional for skis and snowboards.  For skates, make sure they are snug but not tight.  And, for snowshoes, you should be able to walk comfortably.  If they are too long, you will not enjoy the hike.  Resist the temptation to borrow gear.  Better to be safe and have fun!

3.    Wear A Helmet

Helmets are a must for skiing and snowboarding.  In fact, most resorts require that children wear a helmet.  And, they are definitely recommended for recreational skating—required if you play ice hockey—and for sledding.  Take care of your noggin!

4.    Don't Forget Your Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn't just for the beach!  If you are heading out to ski, snowboard, sled, tube or skate, make sure you apply sunscreen and lip balm.  Sunlight reflects off of the snow and ice right back onto your face.  You can get a nasty sunburn when you are out all day in the snow, so cover up!

5.    Take A Lesson

If it is your first time on the slopes, it is a good idea to take one lesson with a qualified professional before you head downhill.  This will help you get started with the basics and keep you from getting frustrated.  Once you are ready to go it on your own, it will be good to have a grown-up nearby to help you if you need it.


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