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Animals of the World: The Panda

Live from China: the Panda – Asia

Animals of the World: The Panda.

For many of us, the Panda is a legendary animal. This big bear of 85 or 125 kg for a male has been carnivorous for long. Now he feeds himself with bamboo and other vegetations at times. He also eats insects, rats, bamboo and fish. Did you know that according to a Chinese legend, the fur of the panda became two-coloured following funerals that these animals organised in memory of few shepherdess killed while wanting to save a panda from the paws of a leopard. The pandas, in mourning, let run the black colour from their white fur when crying, which let indelible marks. Of course, all this is just a legend.

But now, let's return to reality.
The panda is a harmless animal if we don't want him any harm. This so majestic animal is endangered, and there are between 1.000 and 3.000 of this species left. But why are they endangered? Because of the human hood.

In Japan as in China, there are forests of bamboo. And as I said earlier, the panda feeds himself with bamboo. That is why he lives in these big forests. Since the human being always lacks of land, he destroys forests to erect buildings. Having neither more shelter nor food, the panda dies.

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