Welcome to Christmas themed dot to dot coloring games! To join the fun, start from Dot number 1, follow the numbers in order and connect all of the dots ! Find the hidden Christmas themed pictures by connecting the dots. Enjoy !

  • Christmas symbol

    Christmas symbol
  • Christmas painting

    Christmas painting
  • Christmas Toys

    Christmas Toys
  • Snowman with a hat

    Snowman with a hat
  • Christmas presents

    Christmas presents
  • Christmas card

    Christmas card
  • All I want for Christmas
  • Snowman is smiling

    Snowman is smiling
  • Evening Star

    Evening Star
  • Christmas tree

    Christmas tree
  • Reindeer & sleigh

    Reindeer & sleigh
  • Shiny brite Christmas angel

    Shiny brite Christmas angel
  • Teddy Bear & christmas gifts

    Teddy Bear & christmas gifts
  • Generous Santa Claus

    Generous Santa Claus
  • Lighted candles

    Lighted candles
  • Snowman for Xmas

    Snowman for Xmas
  • Holy Family

    Holy Family
  • Xmas presents by the fireplace

    Xmas presents by the fireplace
  • Christmas sack

    Christmas sack
  • Holly & Bells

    Holly & Bells
  • Put the Xmas Tree up

    Put the Xmas Tree up
  • Santa Claus sack

    Santa Claus sack
  • Christmas box

    Christmas box
  • Christmas elf

    Christmas elf
  • Chimney stocking

    Chimney stocking

Christmas dot to dot Printables for kids


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