If you like animals or have a pet, you will really like these animal jokes. Animals can be really funny.

  • Animal jokes

    Animal jokes - Daily Kids News
  • Worm jokes

    Worm jokes
  • Spider jokes

    Spider jokes
  • Reptile jokes

    Reptile jokes
  • Mouse jokes

    Mouse jokes
  • Mosquito jokes

    Mosquito jokes
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  • Fly jokes

    Fly jokes
  • Flea jokes

    Flea jokes
  • Fish jokes

    Fish jokes
  • Farm animal jokes

    Farm animal jokes
  • Bird jokes

    Bird jokes
  • Chicken jokes

    Chicken jokes
  • Bee jokes

    Bee jokes
  • Bear jokes

    Bear jokes
  • Ant jokes

    Ant jokes
  • Slug and snail jokes

    Slug and snail jokes
  • Elephant jokes

    Elephant jokes
  • Cat jokes

    Cat jokes
  • Dog jokes

    Dog jokes


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Sunday March, 22, 2015 at 10:36 PM

AWESOME!!! please add more jokes and riddles!:)

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