Snowman winter fun for kids! 

Making a snowman in your backyard with your family or friends on a cold wintery day is a lot of fun! Snowmen symbolize the winter season and are themes used throughout Christmas time as decorations, greeting cards, movies, clothing and so much more. Snowmen are made by rolling 3 large snowballs and placing each one on top of the other and then use items to adorn your snowman such as: sticks for his arms, coal or rocks for his eyes and mouth, a carrot for his nose, a scarf around his neck and even a top hat. You can decorate your snowman anyway you like. However, if you have no snow to make a snowman friend outside and are still wanting to make a snowman, Hellokids has a frosty selection of printable snowman coloring pages to color online or print and decorate at home. Click on one of the pictures below to print out your favorite Snowman coloring page to color in. Enjoy!

  • Snowman Opens His Christmas Gift

    Snowman opens his Christmas coloring page
  • Christmas Snowman

    Christmas Snowman
  • Kids with Snowman

    Kids with Snowman coloring page
  • Snowmen

  • Snowman made by a little girl

    Snowman made by a little girl
  • Snowmen for Christmas Eve

    Snowmen for Christmas Eve
  • Frozen - Anna and Olaf
  • Happy Snowman family

    Happy Christmas snowmen coloring page
  • Snowman is skiing with Santa

    Snowmen skiing coloring page
  • Snowman's head

    Snowman's head
  • Kids are making a snowman

    Kids are making a snowman
  • Snowman's Christmas party time

    Snowman's Christmas party time
  • Snowman's hat

    Snowman's hat
  • Handmade snowman

    Handmade snowman
  • Little Snowman

    Little Snowman
  • Snowball fight

    Snowball fight coloring page
  • Friends make a snowman

    Girls make a snowman coloring page
  • Snowman in love

    Snowman in love coloring page
  • Snowmen and bear

    Snowmen and bear coloring page
  • Snowman in front of the mountain chalet

    Snowman in front of the mountain chalet
  • Snowman shape

    Snowman shape



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