Welcome to our free, printable Winx Club coloring pages and sheets. Winx Club is a story about an ordinary girl from the planet Earth, Bloom who lives an ordinary and happy life in the city of Gardenia until she meets Stella, a princess from the planet Solaria, who is in trouble. Bloom discovers her latent magical powers… Bloom also begins to learn the secrets of her past and that things are not what they seem to be. Click on a picture below to make it larger, then print it out and enjoy you Winx Club coloring page.

  • Bloom

    Bloom17 coloring sheets
  • Stella

    Stella10 coloring sheets
  • Flora

    Flora11 coloring sheets
  • Musa

    Musa11 coloring sheets
  • Tecna

    Tecna11 coloring sheets
  • Layla

    Layla2 coloring sheets
  • coloring pages for girls
  • Stella, transformation Bloomix

    Stella, transformation Bloomix coloring page
  • Stella, transformation Sirenix

    Stella, transformation Sirenix coloring page
  • Musa, transformation Bloomix

    Musa, transformation Bloomix coloring page
  • Flora, transformation Bloomix

    Flora, transformation Bloomix coloring page
  • Musa - transformation Sirenix

    Musa - transformation Sirenix coloring page
  • Musa in Dress

    Musa in Dress coloring page
  • Layla, transformation Sirenix

    Layla, transformation Sirenix coloring page
  • Flora, transformation Sirenix

    Flora, transformation Sirenix coloring page
  • Bloom, transformation Sirenix

    Bloom, transformation Sirenix coloring page
  • Bloom, transformation Bloomix

    Bloom, transformation Bloomix coloring page
  • Aisha, transformation Bloomix

    Aisha, transformation Bloomix coloring page
  • Three Winx Club girls

    Three Winx Club girls
  • Winx Club fairy

    Winx Club fairy
  • Little winx fairy

    Little winx fairy
  • The Winx Club girls

    The Winx Club girls
  • The evil trio of teenage witch sisters

    The evil trio of teenage witch sisters
  • The little fairy

    The little fairy
  • Stormy the youngest witch

    Stormy the youngest witch
  • Sky The prince of Eraklyon

    Sky The prince of Eraklyon
  • Riven a lone wolf

    Riven a lone wolf
  • Icy the witch

    Icy the witch
  • Darcy the dark one

    Darcy the dark one
  • Brandon on his bike

    Brandon on his bike

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