Welcome to Winter sport coloring pages! Every disciplines of winter sport are represented in those coloring sheets: skiing, hockey, snowboarding, sled, luge, ice-skating and more.Winter sports are sport practised during winter because of the climat conditions: ace, snow, who are indispensable for their functioning. Pick the drawing for kids you prefer to print and color it. You can as well color it online. Enjoy before the beginning of the next winter olympic games in 2014 in Sotchi! Discover as well SPORTS online puzzles for kids! You will love it!

  • Skiing kid

    Skiing kid
  • Playing kids

    Playing kids
  • Mat with snowman

    Mat with snowman coloring page
  • Snowboarding boy

    Snowboarding boy coloring page
  • Boy with snowboard

    Boy with snowboard
  • Ice-skating boy

    Ice-skating boy coloring page
  • Soccer Thaumatrope
  • Kids in winter

    Kids in winter coloring page
  • Skiing girl

    Skiing girl coloring page
  • Ana the ski acrobat

    Ana the ski acrobat
  • Ana ice-skating

    Ana ice-skating
  • Kids riding a luge

    Kids riding a luge
  • Girl with skis

    Girl with skis
  • Kids a chairlift

    Kids a chairlift
  • Skiing boy

    Skiing boy
  • Snowboarding kids

    Snowboarding kids
  • Winter game

    Winter game
  • Snowboarding girl

    Snowboarding girl
  • Girl with snowballs

    Girl with snowballs
  • Skiing girl

    Skiing girl
  • Girl on sled

    Girl on sled
  • Boy skiing

    Boy skiing
  • Hockey goalkeeper

    Hockey goalkeeper coloring page

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