Who's Barbie? Barbie is a best-selling fashion doll launched in 1959. Barbie's full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. She has an on-off romantic relationship with her boyfriend Ken, who first appeared in 1961. Barbie and Ken split up in 2004, but now they are back together again. Barbie has a lot of pets including cats and dogs, horses, panda, lion cub, and zebra. She has also a wide range of vehicles, including pink convertibles, trailers, jeeps and a pink airplane. For decades, Barbie remains the girls' favorite doll. What could be more normal!!! Barbie is perfect, she is beautiful, Barbie has many wonderful friends as she is considerate with her close friends.

Hundreds of Barbie coloring pages offers you a huge range of Barbie pirntables retracing all her adventures. You just have to have colored pencils or markers and give life to your favorite doll! You can also color Barbie online using the Hellokids online coloring tool: reinvent the Barbie's wardrobe without even print drawings.

The largest collection of Barbie coloring books is on! Choose from the Barbie stories below and click the coloring page you prefer to make it larger then print it out. Enjoy!



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yup cool


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Nice drawings

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