The characters of Skylanders Swap-Force coloring pages

In Skylanders SWAP FORCE online coloring section, the Portal Masters experience a new adventure in an unexplored region of Skylands: Cloudbreak Islands, when a magical volcano erupts, it does it only every hundred years to recharge the magical world of Skylands. In an epic battle, the Skylanders Swap Force has been captured in the volcano where the magical energy has divided the group into two and sent them on Earth, which has given them an incredible ability to swap the top and bottom of their body.

  • Wash Buckler
  • Star Strike
  • Jet Boom
  • Grilla Drilla
  • Magna Charge
  • Count Down ...
and other Skylanders characters are available to color. Create your own Skylanders Swap Force world giving your super-heros the colors you want or look for others Skylanders

  • Blast Zone

    Blast Zone coloring page
  • Zoo Lou

    Zoo Lou
  • Slobber Tooth

    Slobber Tooth
  • Wash Buckler

    Wash Buckler
  • Roller Brawl

    Roller Brawl
  • Star Strike

    Star Strike
  • Captain America
  • Rattle Shack

    Rattle Shack
  • Magna Charge

    Magna Charge
  • Hoot Loop

    Hoot Loop
  • Grilla Drilla

    Grilla Drilla
  • Free Ranger

    Free Ranger
  • Count Down

    Count Down
  • Boom Jet

    Boom Jet

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awesom pages


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Awsome skylanders

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Play with you colored markers and the Skylanders on a new adventure through the new game Swap Force coloring book. The game introduces the Skylanders Swap Force characters . The Skylanders figurines have the unique ability to combine upper and lower parts of their body. Be prepared as well to combine colors with your laser pencils and overcome villains!



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