Dressing up as a pumpkin for Halloween is a great idea, but it's not always easy.... luckily, the pumpkin costume for kids we propose is quite easy to make.

What you need:

  • a green, black or orange pair of trousers, jumper and hat
  • an orange bin-bag or a piece of orange fabric
  • a small scarf

Put on the pair of trousers, the jumper and the hat. Next, make holes in the bin-bag (2 for your legs, 2 for your arms). Once you are inside the bag, fill it up with balls of newspaper and tie it around your neck with the scarf.

Then, with a thick black felt-tip pen, draw vertical lines on the bin-bag. If you have used a piece of orange fabric instead of the bin-bag, you will need to cut and sew the fabric before being able to fill it with newspaper.

Now all you need to do is your make-up! For this, at Halloween, you can easily find face-paint and make-up in most toy shops or supermarkets or even at the chemists....


let your imagination do the rest!





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Jack O' Lantern Pumpkin Halloween Costume DIY Do It Yourself

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