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Christmas Elf

Hey everyone, here we are with another drawing lesson, but this time, we'll be kicking in on a tut to learn "how to draw Christmas elf for kids. There's many different ways to draw this awesome Santa Elf. The Hellokids online drawing lesson will teach you easy step by step how to sketch your Christmas Elf by
following these 8 steps ! Enjoy it !

Step 1

Oval shape for head The cross helps us know where the eyes and nose are

Step 2

Draw an egg!

Step 3

Draw four noodles for arms and legs.

Step 4

A cone will make the hat. Ears are really curvy. Hands and feet are blocks, think of rocks and bricks.

Step 5

To draw the hair, think of cursive m's. Now add fingers and nice, pointy shoes.

Step 6

Erase the lines that cross each other.

Step 7

Now just add the details you want to make this elf unique.

Step 8

Finished! Your x-mas elf is ready to make toys!

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Christmas elf

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