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Drawing Hair: The Side Fringe

This tutorial will teach you how to draw a side fringe haircut for a boy!

Steps to draw a side fringe haircut

  1. Start by printing the template of the head by clicking on the button under these steps.
  2. Draw a dot above the right eye.
  3. From this point draw a line with two peaks down until above the left ear.
  4. To draw the left sideburn, draw a small line between the eye and the ear.
  5. Starting above the head and the dot you first drew, draw a line going around the head to the left side of it.
  6. Start over on the other side of the head. You can still draw some peaks to represent some locks.
  7. From the same dot, draw a line to the right ear.
  8. Draw the part with small zigzags.
  9. On each side of the part, draw long zigzags to give some shine to the haircut.

Now you know how to draw this nice side fringe haircut. Watch the video to make sure you understand all the steps.



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