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In Andorra kids share with animals puzzle

Andorra is an authentical earth filled with places where kids can learn about animals, feed them and see them at play. Dream about travelling in andorra an enjoy this lovely sheep and kid online puzzle for you to play either on desktop, tablet or smartphone and put all pieces together into the correct order as quick as possible. Andorra is really something else!

How to play this puzzle game?

  1. Choose a difficulty level on your left.
  2. For levels "Very easy" and "Easy", take all the time you need to put the puzzle pieces together, there is no time limit.
  3. For other levels, time is running out. Click on "Start", watch the countdown timer and achieve your online puzzle game until the timer reaches zero!
  4. You can press the help button ("?") to see the model to achieve during your game session.

Puzzle games for tablets and smartphones

You can also be connected to Hellokids.com and play this online jigsaw puzzle on your tablet or smartphone.



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