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Lip Painting - Black Cat

Lip Smacking Fun

This black cat is adorably purrrfect! Lip painting is great for a fun day with friends, Carnival for children, birthday parties and Halloween.

Lip Designs

This unique take on face-painting is all the new rage. There are so many fun designs to create a beautiful lip smacking statement. This video shows you step-by-step how easy it is to create a [black cat]. Before you get started there are a few basic rules to be aware of when purchasing your lip paint supplies:

  • Skin Friendly - Be sure the product is formulated for the most sensitive skin
  • Quality Ingredients - Be sure they are FDA approved and non-toxic
  • Washable - Use water base paint for easy washing and clean up
  • Great Colors - Using vibrant colors will give you the best look you want to achieve 

Materials needed:

  • Paper towels
  • Face paint - Black, white, purple and yellow
  • Paint brushes - use assorted size fine quality brushes
  • Water in a bowl - to rinse your brushes
  • Mirror - to admire your fabulous designer lips

Time: 10 minutes

Level of difficulty: Easy & Fun

How to paint a black cat on the mouth

TIPS: It is important to keep the head from making any slight movements so, you may want to have the person getting their lips painted, sit in a chair and lay the back of their head on a table, lay down on a bed or couch. This will help to keep the head very still to make the best black cat lip design.

  1. Color the upper and bottom lip all black
  2. Paint the tail to connect to the side of the lip
  3. Outline the black cat ears on the upper lip
  4. Add the black whiskers - 3 small lines on each side of the upper lip
  5. Color in the cat ears with white paint and make two white round eyes.
  6. For the mouth add a spot of purple paint to the lower lip
  7. Lastly, add a small yellow dot inside the white cat eyes to make the cat pupils
  8. You now have black cat designer lips! Meow.

Lip Painting - Black Cat craft for kids

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