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Here is a bird that is also a Pokemon species. Meet Fletchling, this bird was created and based on the Japanese Robin. I really do wish that there was more information for me to give you about this Pokemon species but there isn't and it's getting me annoyed. Basically all I can tell you is that Fletchling is a dual-type Normal/Flying Pokémon. Have fun with this tut guys, and if there is any other Pokemon species you want me to make a lesson of, just let me know.....

Step 1

Make a kidney bean shape for Fletchling's body.

Step 2

Here you will define the shape of the bird's body then draw in the small wing as well as the small beak.

Step 3

Next, sketch out the tail which is perky, then add a marking on the wing.

Step 4

Draw out the one eye for now, then draw in the eyeball, markings around the eye and face, then draw in the markings on the chest and tail.

Step 5

We will finish Fletchling off by drawing the cute birdie legs and feet. Erase any and all the mistakes that you made.

Step 6

The line art comes out looking awesome and ready for you to color in. I do hope you enjoyed this Pokemon installment.

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