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How to Draw Roz, Roz from Monsters Inc

I don't know if she will be in it, but this character is liked either way. Here is "how to draw Roz", step by step from Monsters Inc. Roz is the old slug lady that always has attitude with the rest of the monsters that work on the scare floor in Monsters Inc. I hear tell that she may or may not be in the new Monsters University film, but since she was one of the head honchos in the first movie, I don't see how she can't be in the second or prequel. I always liked Roz because there was something about her personality that made you cringe. I don't know if it was her voice, or if it was the power she had. Anyways, drawing Roz will be fun so get your scare pencils at hand for another exciting lesson. Adios mi amigos.....

Step 1

Let's draw Roz. Start with a circle for the head, then a huge nut shape for her body. Sketch in the guidelines then move along to step two.

Step 2

Here you will draw out the shape of Roz's head and or face. Be sure to add the outline for her mohawk style hairdo. Draw in her old fashioned looking eyeglasses, then you are done with step two.

Step 3

We will work on Roz's face next. Draw in the eyeballs, then draw the thickness of the frames. You will add some forehead wrinkles then draw in the mouth which is sneering. Add the wrinkle lines on her neck which looks like the skin is being pinched by the collar.

Step 4

Now we can work on her body. Draw the back part of Roz's body, then draw in her arms. You will then draw her saggy breasts, as well as the opening to her sweater that she is wearing.

Step 5

Lastly, draw the rest of Roz's body which is a big slug shape. The front part of her body should be free of spots, but the back part should be where the rough texture of the skin tissue is so add the scaly spots. Erase all the mistakes, then you are finished with the drawing part.

Step 6

That's it, you are all done. Now you can enjoy coloring in Roz from Monsters Inc.

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