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How to Draw Doves For Kids

Drawing birds is always fun but when you draw doves it's even better. This lesson is going out to all you dove lovers. Here is "how to draw doves for kids", step by step. I know there is plenty of tuts on this particular bird, (well not plenty just a couple), but my sister is the one that wanted me to make a new tutorial because she thinks they are beautiful. The dove in this lesson is flying from a side view so it should be easy to recreate. I will be back so stick around for more fun on the way. Peace out folks.....

Step 1

Make two shapes for the head and body of the bird.

Step 2

You will now begin drawing the shape of the head, followed by the addition of drawing the beak.

Step 3

Continue to work on getting the body drawn out like so, then you will begin drawing the wings in a very sharp style. You can also choose to round out the tips of the feathers for the dove's wings as well.

Step 4

Lastly, draw in the tail which should be wide, then draw the dove's feet which are the two small egg shapes under the body. Add detailing to the wings with feathers, then draw a large eye and pupil. Clean up the mistakes if there is any.

Step 5

Here is your beautiful dove. Now just color it in.

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