Hi Lugia here with my second tutorial! Today you'll be learning how to draw Emolga and Pikachu, or Emolga or pikachu. MokonaFlower requested Emolga, and Yallcor requested Pikachu, but I was too lazy to make two seprate tutorials. I hope you have fun drawing these pokemon!....

Step 1

Ok first draw the base of Emolga and Pikachu's body, or Emolga or Pikachu. Now add the guidelines. Sorry about all of the shadows.

Step 2

Draw in the facial features of each pokemon.Now add the legs and define the face.

Step 3

Now we will add the arms of both pokemon and Emolga's tail and Pikachu's ears.

Step 4

To finish the tutorial, add the wing-like things under Emolga's arms and add Pikachu's tail.

Step 5

Now grab your pencil and rub out those mistakes. Colour it in and there you have it. Emolga and Pikachu. Hope ya like it!


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