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How to Draw Donald Duck Easy

If I made a lesson on Pluto easy, I might as well make one on Donald too. Now is the time that we will learn "how to draw Donald Duck easy", step by step. Donald is a very overexcited, mellow dramatic, and very stubborn duck. One of the reasons why I like Donald is because of his innocence and naiveness. Drawing Donald Duck easy will be a challenge for those of you extreme novice artists. Regardless of the difficulty, you should be successful, I guarantee it.....

Step 1

Draw a circle for the head then sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2

Begin sketching out the facial mask that goes across the head. This should include the two lumps which will be the brows.

Step 3

Draw out the eyes, then the eyeballs. Also sketch out the feathery tuft at the top of his head.

Step 4

Here you will draw out Donald's large beak or bill. He is always laughing or smiling so it should be pretty simple to draw.

Step 5

Finish the jaw by drawing the inner lining as well as his triangular shaped tongue.

Step 6

Lastly, draw Donald's sailor hat as well as the puffy mess he wear. Erase the detailing once you are all done.

Step 7

Nice work guys. Look how awesome Donald Duck looks. Color him in to perfection.

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