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How to Draw Pluto Easy

I'm going to be uploading some lessons on some classic characters that have been around for ages. To start, let's learn "how to draw Pluto easy", step by step. Pluto is a very entertaining non-speaking figure from Mickey Mouse's gang. Yes he is Mickey's dog, and he is an unknown breed. Pluto was one of the first cartoon style dogs that I started becoming a fan of when I was a kid. I enjoyed drawing Pluto in an easy manner because I know that others will learn how to recreate a Disney character like him. Adios folks, be sure to leave some feedback when you are done viewing, or following the lesson at hand. ....

Step 1

We will only be tackling the face for Pluto so let's get started. Begin with a circle for the head, then an oblong shape for the bottom jaw.

Step 2

Begin sketching out the shape of Pluto's head which has four lumps.

Step 3

Begin this step by drawing out the shapes of the eyes drawn in a manner to fill in two of raised lumps on the head. Color in the pupils, then draw the shape of the cheek and nose bridge area.

Step 4

Finish drawing Pluto's face by drawing the snout then the nose. The snout has some crinkles, but that is just how Pluto was designed. Draw the bottom jaw, then add a smile and lip.

Step 5

Draw and color in Pluto's ear, then draw the piece of tissue it hangs from.

Step 6

Lastly, draw Pluto's neck, then draw in his collar. Draw the back and chest, then start erasing the mistakes.

Step 7

Here is the line art for Pluto when you are done. Color him in to finish everything off.

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Monday November, 03, 2014 at 12:45 PM

Awesome amazing work hello kids!

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