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How to Draw a Cowboy For Kids

Well guys, this lesson is going to help all you artists out there that are just starting out. Here is "how to draw a cowboy for kids", step by step. I was really going for a traditional cowboy style so I hope I did just that. Everything you see is just how a cowboy seems. From the hat, to cowhide clothes, this rutten tutten fella is going to make you feel a whole lot braver, and confident. Enjoy drawing a cowboy for kids, and let me know what else you would like to see as a lesson. Peace out mi amigos!....

Step 1

Make the shape for the head, then draw the square trunk like body. Sketch in the facial guide too.

Step 2

Thicken the shape of the face and head, then draw the bangs from his hair.

Step 3

Next, draw the shapes of the eyes, eyeballs, then draw the long piece of wheat straw. Add detailing under the eyes too.

Step 4

Here you will begin creating the arms, hands and torso.

Step 5

Draw out the cowboy hat like so, then you can move to step six.

Step 6

Draw out the cowboy's bowed shaped legs, then draw in the small pointed toed feet.

Step 7

Lastly, draw the sleeve or cuff lines on the wrist, then draw the vest, pants with fringe, and boots. Erase the mistakes when you're done.

Step 8

Here is the line art when you are all done. Color in your cowboy for total completion.

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